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arXiv:1211.0240. . read ...


journal papers


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arXiv:1211.2018 read ...
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arXiv:1206.1302 pdf.
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pdf read ...
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arXiv:1110.3834 pdf News
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pdf. read ...


peer reviewed conference papers

3. Spin fluctuations, Fermi surface hotspots and nesting in PuCoGa5.
M. J. Graf,Tanmoy Das, J.X. Zhou,
MRS Proceedings 1683 (2014).
2. Pairing symmetries of several families of iron-based superconductors and some similarities with cuprates and heavy-fermions.
Tanmoy Das
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arXiv:1112.1004. pdf. read ...
1. Material specific correlation effect in several actinides.
Tanmoy Das, T. Durakiewicz, J.-X. Zhu, M. J. Graf,
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pdf. read ...


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